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Dream of white snake is lucky! 7 dreams to win lotto

Everyone wish a thousand at one scoop. The closest way to get one is buying “Lotto”.

Many people make a long line up to reach their to become rich every time.
Buying lotto is, not to buy dream and hope, but to make dreams and hope real that everyone’s thoughts.

You may hear some episodes that someone won a lotto as he/she had the good fortune sign of the dream.
It sounds too easy to get big fortune without effort, but it is considered seriously as not only just a dream.
It could be possible make lotto not for “buying a dream” but for “making a dream to real” if youuse your dream interpretation.
You cannot tell these success lotto winner’s stories without “dream of white snake”.

For example;

* I won a lotto next day after having a dream of many white snakes.
* I had a dream of white snake couple days before I won a lotto.


As you see many people had a dream of “white snake” prior to their lucky story.
It is said that white snake is an avator of God or God’s messenger, and it would be an excellent luck if you had a dream of white snake. Recently, it has been popular white snake patterned wallet which is considerd as good luck about money matter.
Many people respect “white snake” as a symbol of good fortune.
There are various symbols of good luck other than that, but I researched “dream of white snakes” that is well known as a good fortune symbol of money and lotto to win.
I introduce seven patterns that lead you to win a lotto about dream of white snakes.

Dream that you catch a white snake

It it a good omen of getting money that you caught a white snake in your dream.
You had better buy lotto when you had such dream. However, it indicates that you will have extra expense or lose your fortune about money if you could not catch or let white snake go in your dream.


Dream that you kill white snakes

It sounds bad fortune sign as you had a dream that you killed white snakes, but it is good luck signal. It means your success of business or economical situation, so you can take it as a good sign of more income, and also you grab your good fortune.
Do not miss your opportunity.


Dream that white snakes come closer to you

This dream, indicates you will have good luck money fortune very soon.
And you will be a lucky person even though you have been in tough time due to unfortunate incidents.
You may get lots of money if you could catch or touch white snakes crawl to you in your dream.

Dream that white snake shed off own skin

Shedding off is regarded as “Reborn” and “Development”, so it might be considered as
development of fortune about money if you saw white snakes, which is a symbol of money luck in your dream.
You may show big progressive or changes in your life that Shedding off has a meaning of the development at present situation.


Dream that big white snake ascend to Heaven

It is best dream among those dreams of white snakes. It will bring you good fortune not only to your fortune of money but everything about you.
You will have many wonderful good opportunities one after another as you had this dream that means peace for family matter and prosperity.


Dream that the white snake crawled your body from bottom to your top

It is very good fortune sign of prosperity. What important fact is, white snake crawled from the bottom to the top, and it would be opposite meaning if the snake crawled top to bottom, so please read carefully.

It is also a good fortune dream that the white snake moved across in front of you.

Dream that you have been chased by white snakes

Being chased by white snakes is, very good sign that you will have full of joy. Other than luck with money, it might indicate you that somebody like you a lot. This dream sends a good message for your money and love fortune.


How do you like it?

In addition, there is a dream that the white snake bites you in your dream. It seems a not happy dream, but you can take this as message of better luck about money.
It may be a good omen of your money fortune if you had a dream being bitten by white snake.
However, in the other hand, it may indicate that you will be spoiled for your love.
How about yours? You may need to judge this message very carefully.



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