Wild survival : the hungry lions did not give the deer The giraffe had a chance to escape and it ended up being a meal for the lions

Watch: Giraffe fights off lion pride in epic five-hour struggle | Animal Behaviour | Earth Touch News

In the green grasslands on the vast savannah, the lion is considered a killing machine, a superior predator and always makes the prey afraid when confronted. Thanks to that, they are known as the mighty and mighty lords of the jungle. The hunt for the poor lions and giraffes.

One afternoon on the boiling green land, the lions continued their journey in search of food. A baby giraffe has strayed into their territory. Unfortunately, it had to fall into the trap of the hungry lions. The attack began. One of them started to pounce on the young and then attacked. This poor animal seems to have lost its mother’s arms, leading to such an end. They bite the baby deer carously and fiercely. The pitiful deer’s cry echoed throughout the surrounding land. It seemed that its fate had pre-arranged this reunion.

Within minutes the giraffe had died and had become a hearty meal for the hungry lions. Lions, like other feline species, were superb predators and head carnivores. key board thanks to abundant prey populations. But unlike other species, they hunt in packs and hunt large and dangerous mammals for single predators. The lion’s sand-colored fur blends wonderfully with the color of the savanna grasslands, giving them a good camouflage. In the fierce wild life, the lion’s wars never end.

Thus, the battle between life and death between the pitiful creature and the cold-blooded lion took place. The video, which has attracted more than 89 views and 29 comments, captures that thrilling moment in the wild world of arid African land full of dangers of predators.


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