Wild survival battle. The weak will become food for the strong

In a terrifying moment captured by a wildlife photographer, a huge crocodile has been seen attacking its own kind, snapping up a much smaller rival to dine upon.

The spectacular image was taken by Tim Driman, a wildlife photographer and adventurer who says on his Facebook page: “If it moves, I will photograph it.”

He managed to catch the 5-metre long croc during a trip to the Nile as it leapt out of the water, chomping down on its smaller rival.

Crocodiles usually feast on insects, fish, small frogs and lizards but this one was obviously very hungry, and it’s not uncommon for the carnivores to eat one another when feeling particularly ravenous.

A large 5m long Nile crocodile attacked a smaller crocodile, in a vicious act of cannibalism.

The photograph was one of the entries awarded a gong in the Photo is Light World Photography Contest.

Others included in the prestigious global competition included a stunning image of a giraffe grazing with her young calf, titled Love Between Mother and Son.

There was also a great white shark splashing down after breaching the surface at Isla Guadalupe in Mexico, a photograph of two curious lion siblings in the plains of Africa, gannets fighting over a fish while swimming underwater in the Shetland Isles, and a mesmerising image of the Northern Lights bursting into life in the night skies over Iceland.

The annual competition attracts entries from 66 countries across the world – and many feature the wonders of nature.

Crocodile attacks camper, dragging him from tent in Northern Territory | Northern Territory | The Guardian

The prize for fine art this year was collected by Russian Oksana Moroziuk for snaps of stilt walkers but the overall winner was Francisco Negroni, who captured the amazing moment the Calbuco volcano erupted during a thunderstorm in his native Chile.

His striking image scooped him the overall winner prize and the best landscape honour in the contest.

The Photo is Light competition is split into six categories – Landscape, Nature, Architecture, People, Photojournalism and Fine Art, with the best images of each of the six contest categories receiving $500 prize money and a digital certificate.

Sixty awards are given in total, and these images are displayed on the Photo is Light website for at least one year after the winners are announced.


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