While driving, the man was startled when he saw a very large snake come out from under the car and climbed onto the windshield and crawled through the mirror.

Have you ever been terrified of sharing your automobile with a spider or a fly? When one man looked in his wing mirror, he saw a snake coiled around it, which was even more alarming.

When James Bristow discovered the slithering stowaway, he was traveling along the M5 towards Staffordshire. His son Charlie, 25, took out his phone and began shooting, capturing one of the family members exclaiming, “Bloody hell!”

‘Jesus Christ, I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a snake,’ a passenger can be heard saying. They correctly identify it as a grass snake and try to locate a safe place to pull over.

However, because it was a smart highway, there was nowhere to halt. The snake then drops into the road after travelling from the front bonnet to the wing mirror.

The passengers in the car scream ‘oh no,’ and the video stops without revealing if the snake made it off the highway.

‘Just cruising down the M5 when this occurred,’ Charlie captioned the video on TikTok on Sunday.

‘We tried to pull over, but there was no hard shoulder,’ says the driver.

The video has been viewed over 25,000 times and hundreds of comments have been left.


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