Watch: Shark Hunts Massive Saltwater Crocodile in Australia

Key Points

  • Some species of sharks are carnivorous predators.
  • They mainly eat fish, squid, and other marine mammals.
  • In this video, a hungry shark tries to consume a saltwater crocodile.

What would happen if a shark went up against a crocodile?

Thanks to video footage, we now have some idea of how these two apex predators would square up. A surfer in Australia’s Northern Territories saw the two animals. Drone footage from above captured the hunt as it intensified.

The video begins with the crocodile swimming near the surface of crystal-clear water. You can see the shark below. Its outline is clear. The shark circles the crocodile a few times. Both are swimming near large rocks by the coast. The crocodile doesn’t swim quickly and seems almost lazy as it moves its tail and body back and forth slowly.

On the other hand, the shark is a bit more active. It circles underneath the crocodile and eventually lines up behind the croc. At this point, the crocodile goes down into the water, and both animals speed up. It seems that the hunt is on!

Do Sharks Normally Eat Crocodiles?

Sharks have a diverse range of feeding habits and diets that vary depending on the species, their location, as well as availability of prey. Most sharks are carnivorous predators who feed on fish, squid, and other marine animals. However, some species, such as the whale shark, feed primarily on plankton by filter-feeding through their gills.

Sharks also have an impressive ability to adjust their diet when certain food sources become scarce; they will eat whatever is available in order to survive. This includes items such as coal, oil, trash, or clothing which can make their way into bodies of water. If a crocodile happened to swim past, and it was small enough, a shark certainly may try to eat it.

Crocodiles are found in a variety of wetland habitats throughout the warmer tropical waters in the Southern Hemisphere.

Live Another Day

The shark gets closer and closer. It is only a foot or two away from the crocodile’s long tail before it abruptly turns away. Why did it call off the hunt? The crocodile went for a rock and climbed up. The shark simply couldn’t follow it.

The shark swims off, possibly to find another food source. There aren’t a lot of fish or other marine life in the waters shown in the video but the shark probably knows where it can find a tasty snack.

The crocodile continues to climb and swim among the rocks. Still underwater, the crocodile uses the rocks to stay protected and out of reach. It eventually lifts its snout out of the water briefly and then returns to swimming. Once it is sure that the shark has left the area, the crocodile returns to deeper water and goes on its way.

Shark vs Crocodile: Who Would Win in a Fight?

The great white shark is a powerful predator, with an impressive set of teeth and the strength to take on even the largest prey. Meanwhile, saltwater crocodiles are no less formidable foes; they are incredibly strong and have been known to crush turtles in their jaws

However, when it comes to a fight between these two deadly creatures, the great white shark has one incredible advantage: speed. This gives them a huge edge when hunting or being hunted underwater. Not only would this animal likely spot its prey first, but its agility and acceleration also allow them to deliver an almost instantaneous attack that can be devastatingly effective. The shark’s razor-sharp teeth give it the ability to tear through flesh quickly and easily – far faster than what any crocodile could muster up! So while both species are certainly dangerous adversaries, when push comes to shove (or bite!), it’s clear who is King of the Sea – the great white shark!


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