The resilient cow resists the attack of stubborn wolves

The American bison is a symbol of bounty and dearth. As a staple food item of the Plains Indians, the US government (which was often at war with the Plains Indians in the 1800s) nearly exterminated them in an attempt to starve the Indians. But Indians aren’t the only ones who relied on bison for food. In the last remaining habitats of bison, wolves prey heavily upon them. Case in point:

Bulls and Even Wolves Are Afraid of This Giant Monster - YouTube

In this incredible (and somewhat heartbreaking) moment, a pack of gray wolves works together to take down a bison, biting and pulling at its neck, legs, and rump. However, the strong and powerful bison is able to push through the pain and agony and nearly escapes. Then, a much bigger bison charges from the rear and pummels through the smaller bison and pack of wolves, knocking the smaller bison onto the snowy ground. This makes the wolves’ job MUCH easier. Watch the video with sound below.

Wolf Pack Takes Down Buffalo

Now, why did the big bison knock the smaller bison over? Well, when a pack of hungry predators wants to eat you and your family, you’ll do anything to get them off your back. Remember, this is nature, and these are wild animals. From an evolutionary standpoint, compassion and altruism are useless in this situation.


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