The king of the mountains was defeated and chased by buffalo

The lion is the king of the meadows, but he doesn’t always win in duels. In many cases, they are forced to flee to preserve their lives when they encounter overly aggressive prey.

A video shows a male and a female lion looking for a private space to mate. The male lion led the female to a safe place, where they crossed paths with the wild luffaloes.

Preparing to mate, the ouffalo, without understanding why, rushed to attack the two lions. Faced with the ferocity of the wild ouffalo, the two lions had to flee.

The ouffalo kept chasing him, the lion didn’t ʋreturn to attack, the male and female lions did not defeat the Ƅuffalo but kept running.

Finally, the ouffalo gave up and “sniffed” the pride, and the two lions continued to search for a hiding place to mate.


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