Terrified to discover the scene of a king cobra being swallowed by a giant python

Amazing photos show a python regurgitated an even bigger python after swallowing a huge snake. Amazing photos show a python regurgitated an even bigger python after swallowing a huge snake. We bagged him carefully after assuming he had a satisfying dinner (we counted the chickens and he wasn’t one of them).

“As soon as he got out of the bag, he started ʋomiting, and that’s when we ʋiмed the tail!” We initially mistook it for a black whip snake, but wow, were we wrong! Witnesses discovered that the strange animal had been preyed on by a much larger python when the python omitted it!

According to the weƄ site, “everything happened Ƅrather quickly and went back to salʋo”. We hope he picks up some more and the birds eat his leftovers because he missed his dinner.” This is not the first time a python has swallowed one of its own kind.

Last year, National Geographic released a video showing a rat grabbing a python and fighting another python for its prey before killing it. In some cases, pythons have been observed interacting with larger animals such as leopards and, on rare occasions, with humans.



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