Terrified people discovered two giant animals fighting each other in the tree

Some children on their way to school have stumbled across a carpet python attempting to make a meal of a fruit bat while it was hanging from a tree.

Local snake catcher Tony Morrison was called following the unexpected sighting on Tuesday morning at Victoria Point, in Queensland’s Redland City.

He captured the reptile striving to swallow the mammal on video, sharing it on Redland’s Snake Catcher Facebook page.

Children spotted the snake trying to eat the bat while on their way to school on Tuesday. Source: Redland's Snake Catcher

Mr Morrison said the snake had been hanging in the tree trying to finish its feed for about 30 mins before he arrived.

“The snake had grabbed the bat but it couldn’t figure out how to get past the wings,” Mr Morrison told Yahoo7.

It gave up and released the bat from its grip.

The snake's attempt to devour the bat was unsuccessful. Source: Redland's Snake Catcher

“This time its eyes were a bit too big for its belly and it couldn’t quite fit it all in,” he said.

Despite that, the bat had already succumbed to its injuries.

The snake dropped the bat and was relocated to bushland. Source: Redland's Snake Catcher

Mr Morrison said those who spotted the snake’s attempt to devour the bat were intrigued by the battle, adding it was quite interesting to have the reptile’s efforts so visible.

While bats, possums, mice, rats and birds are popular menu items for snakes, the snake handler said this feeding behaviour usually happens at night meaning people are kept in the dark about it.

The snake was removed from the tree and Mr Morrison relocated it to nearby bushland.

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