Survival in the wild : The ruthlessness of the crocodile king is ready to eat his fellow humans just for the sake of his hungry stomach.

Africa’s wild nature always hides many notorious predators, one of which must be the Nile crocodile. Despite its slow and sluggish appearance, crocodiles are worthy predators. fear in nature, whether in aquatic or terrestrial environments. Sometimes they can attack their own kind whenever there is no exception.

That day, a group of tourists went on a sightseeing tour in the land of Africa, before their eyes were the images of impalas slowly drinking water, herons spreading their wings and flying high. A breathtakingly peaceful scene. A feeling of being healed that has never been experienced makes the group of tourists forget all worries and hardships in life. Suddenly, a large Nile crocodile attracted the entire attention of tourists. everybody. The animal slowly approached the riverbank and approached another smaller crocodile. Faced with the sudden attack of his fellows, the small crocodile tried to resist, but that was not enough.

With a young alligator, taking such a bite was completely overwhelming. It quickly lost the ability to move and was almost unable to resist. Just a few minutes later the crocodile decided to eat its own kind by devouring it inside its huge sharp jaws. In fact. In fact, cannibalistic crocodiles are not uncommon in nature. Nile crocodile is a giant crocodile species in Africa, considered a carnivorous animal that haunts all living creatures. Even humans. Because of its brutal power, the Nile crocodile is always an obsession for all animals in the river.

The video that has attracted more than 40 views and 49 comments captures the moment a crocodile is trying to brutally attack its fellow. That is also a reason to see some adult crocodiles decide to remove the small male crocodiles, as the video above recorded.


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