Strange and strange: A giant snake with sparkling colors like a rainbow was raised as a family pet by a woman

Recently on a social network account posted a picture of a rainbow python. The colors on the python’s body sparkled. This attracted a lot of attention from netizens. Most are curious about the enchanting color of this python. Currently, sharing about this python has attracted 7 million followers and comments. Most of the comments are full of praise for this python. So how attractive is this python? Let’s follow the article below.

Learn a little about pythons

They all have the common feature of hunting warm-blooded animals by biting and biting, then wrapping their bodies in the bait and squeezing it until they die and then slowly swallowing it. The python teeth are curved inward, there is no venom tube, but thanks to the structure of the extended jawbone (up to 180°), it can swallow large prey.

The pythons are actually a group of non-venomous insects of the genus Python of the family Pythonidae. These snakes are found in Asia and Africa where they occupy many habitats. 11 species of pythons are reported to live in the world today.

The rainbow python is famous for its brilliant colors on its body

Recently, a video was shared “chirping” online after filming an image of a python with mesmerizing rainbow colors.

This is a rare python

In the clip, Jay is carrying a rare python in a box. Due to sunlight, the reflections on the python skin create a variety of colors that make it look like a sparkling rainbow. According to Jay, it was a python of the brocade python family.

This is not the first time the zoo owner has posted pictures of animals on social networks. Jay regularly posts pictures of various reptiles; on his Instagram page “jayprehistoricpets”.

rare python

As the camera pans, we see that it is a massive snake.

The python quickly attracted many viewers and comments

After being posted online, the video of the brocade python emitting a magical rainbow light; attracted the attention of netizens. To date, the video has more than 7 million views and continues to grow.

Most netizens were mesmerized by the color of the python and couldn’t stop praising. “Beautiful creature,” said one netizen. Another commented: “Seven colors of the rainbow.”

The spotted python is said to be the longest and heaviest python in the world. Although not poisonous, they can still easily kill a person; just by curling around and squeezing around the person’s body.

Ironically, there are many people in the world who like pythons. So much so that they even kept it as a pet. However, to do so, you must be an expert, especially when it is a dangerous animal like python.


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