Meet a Baby Zebra and Her Rhino Friend

The biggest orphan rhino sanctuary in the world, Care for Wild, works to save, heal, release, and protect the animals who enter their care. A baby rhino and a baby zebra were both found to be orphaned in the wild, and the sanctuary took them in and witnessed them become besties. But it seems like they’re more than just friends.

First, they found the zebra.

Following storms and copious amounts of rain, the Modjadji zebra was discovered abandoned. Despite their expertise in caring for rhinos, the staff couldn’t just leave him alone. They gave the baby zebra the name Modjadji, which means “rain queen,” as a lovely tribute to her past. The poor creature had a lot of diseases to deal with, but the staff watched over her and did what they could to improve the zebra’s condition.

Shortly after, the baby rhino showed up.

Soon after Modjadji was discovered, the crew found a young rhino, so young that its umbilical cord was still attached. Workers at the sanctuary reacted swiftly to save the rhino, sending it to the intensive care unit. The calf was so frail that she required constant attention from a nurse to monitor her well-being, help regulate her body temperature, and provide all the necessary food.

When his friend recovered, a new pal came to the center.

She gradually regained her strength and met Aquazi, a rhino pal who was also a patient in the intensive care unit, along the way. Despite how unusual their friendship might seem, their company won over. The first rhino, Aquazi, recovered and departed the intensive care unit. A new rhino took his place, and Modjadji quickly made a new buddy.
Although it is uncertain why the baby was left alone, the guards chose to transport her to Care for Wild to prevent hyenas from eating her. It may not be a coincidence that she was found during a terrible period in which poachers killed hundreds of rhinos in a couple of days. They named her Daisy, and she had an extremely poor ailment that required daily monitoring and care. It was uncertain if she would survive.

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