In Egypt, there are always strange things, goats are born with monkey heads

A goat was born ‘with the head of a monkey’ in Egypt

It also appears to have heart-shaped pupils, with videos going viral cross social media in the Arab world

A goat has been born with what has been called the head of a monkey in Egypt. It also appears to have heart-shaped pupils.

Photos and video of the goat have been going viral across Arabic social media, as the goat was found in the Al Hedaya village in the the Assiut Governate.

Questions are running wild in the village about the secret behind the birth of a goat with a monkey’s head, reports Al Bayan, which is reportedly the first of its kind.

A video has been shared widely on apps such as WhatsApp, which can be seen in the embedded link below.

While some have speculated that the animal is the result of inbreeding between the two species, this is scientifically impossible, according to experts.

Muhammad Youssef, a veterinarian, told Al Bayan that the birth of a goat with a monkey’s head as “a congenital defect, not a monkey’s head,” putting specific ephasis the impossibility of interbreeding between monkeys and goats.

“The strange shape of the goat’s face and the emergence of its eyes in this way, which shows the face in the form of a monkey, occurred as a result of a deformity in the fetus, not a miracle,” he added.

Sadly, deformed animals’ ability to continue life is often difficult and sometimes impossible. The goat reportedly passed away on Monday evening after living for only two days.

This has not stopped discussion of the animal online, whose short life is sure to become the talk of the world the further the news spreads.


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