Each danger bears the name of a crocodile. no creature can escape its sharp teeth

By Rebecca Drew

DRAMATIC images have revealed the moment a hungry 880-pound crocodile emerged from the water to attack one unlucky wildebeest crossing a river.

I believe education is the key to understanding these magnificent creatures? – Crocodile and Alligator Info

The incredible pictures show the crafty croc stealthily swim towards the wildebeest before flinging open its jaws to sink its teeth into its neck. Subsequent photos show the Wildebeest rising out of the water trying to escape from its predator as its friends casually stroll by.

What is a Group of Crocodiles Called? - AZ Animals

The amazing images were taken at the Mara River, Masai Mara, Kenya by dental technician, Elmar Weiss (46). To take his pictures, Elmar used a Nikon D500 camera.

Where In The World Do Crocodiles Live? - AZ Animals

“There is the Great Migration in Masai Mara where billions of wildebeest are on their search for fresh grass and I knew I had to see the spectacle with my own eyes,” said Elmar.


“There are many big Nile crocodiles in the river waiting for their chance to catch prey and a crocodile attacked one of the wildebeest and pulled it down.


“You have to observe the river and the banks to see if there are any crocodiles nearby and then you have to react fast.

“The ‘action’ lasts only a few seconds and the most important person is the guide and driver.

“If you have a good one, you have all opportunities to take awesome pictures.

“I am glad to say I have one of the best guides in Masai Mara and his name is Alfred Korir from Zebra Plains Mara Camp.”

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The Wildebeest Migration is known as The World Cup of Wildlife where over two million animals migrate from the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania to the Maasai Mara National Reserve.

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“I like wildlife action, I am fascinated in captures where the action is frozen,” added Elmar.

“In a photograph, you can see so many details that you can´t see during live viewing.

“It´s hard to see an animal being killed but that is the circle of life.”




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