An image of an animal with a frog-like head, a bat-like body, and a mouse-like appearance

On social networks, several users were surprised to see a particular situation that happened to a family while they were spending the summer at their house in the woods. The images show how a strange animal approaches the entrance of the place.

The father of the family, seeing the strange animal on the ground, decides to film it and try to run it with a branch. When touched, the specimen jumps and spreads its wings against the stick.

The shape of the strange animal was very similar to that of a bat, only with a larger size. At the same time, features similar to those of a field weasel could be observed.

In filмs that surfaced online a мonth ago, people in China and Argentina are shown interacting with quite peculiar Ƅats. The creatures seeмed to Ƅe the product of a hybridization Ƅetween rats, frogs, and Ƅats.

After trying to take it with the branch, the man manages to catch the strange animal and takes it away from the area where he was with his family in the forest.

The video was uploaded to his Facebook account and the title asked if anyone knew what species it was. Several users stressed that it could be a bat or a mixture of two breeds of rodents, while others, more fanciful, maintained that it was a laboratory genetic mutation.

Specialists from the NGO, Sarawak Forestry Corporation (SFC) commented and specified that the strange animal was a colugo or also known as a flying lemur. This specimen is usually seen in the Malaysian area, where the family was camping.

It is usually nocturnal in habit and rests on the branches of trees. On its legs it has five fingers with strong claws that guarantee a good grip.

In order to increase their flight capacity, these animals develop the total surface of the patagio, up to the spaces between their fingers. This enables them to plan to move and circulate on the ground at the same time.



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