An Entire Buffalo Herd Come to Defend One of Their Own From a Lion

Lion Vs 2 buffaloes, see how a loyal buffalo saved his friend with no fear  - video Dailymotion

It’s no secret that buffaloes are pretty tough. They’re big, strong, mean, and not afraid of anything. But this video shows how brave these animals can be when they put their minds to it.

In the clip, you’ll see an entire herd come together to defend a family member from a lioness. This is one of those rare instances where you can see nature at its most raw and beautiful form— where animals band together for the common good of survival.

This incredible footage was captured in Zambia’s South Luangwa National Park. It has a happy ending. The buffalo finally escapes the lioness’ attack since the big cat seems to fear the 200 buffaloes which had come to save their own.

Lions are the only big cat that lives in groups called prides. The lionesses and their young ones form the core of pride, while male lions live separately from them.

The social structure of pride is complex, with each lion having its role to play. The dominant male and female are usually the only ones to mate, although other males may also mate with females if they have the chance.

The males defend their territory against other pride and hunt for food for themselves and their family group. They are also responsible for protecting cubs from rival males, hyenas, or other predators.

The females do most of the hunting but can be taken by surprise by large or dangerous prey such as buffalo or elephant calves. They also help look after cubs when they are small and teach them how to hunt once they are older.

How Do Buffaloes Protect Themselves From Predators?

Buffaloes are well known for their strength, speed, and agility. They can run up to 25 mph. They can quickly jump over barriers as high as five feet. They also have a keen sense of smell and hearing that helps them detect the danger early on.

They have sharp horns and a thick hide, which help them protect themselves from predators. These animals are also aggressive and can kill a lion with their sharp horns if they want to.

Buffaloes live in herds that consist of up to 500 individuals. These herds are led by an alpha male and an alpha female mate for life. The herd will move together as one unit, but when a predator attacks them, they separate into smaller groups to confuse the predator and make it harder for him to target his prey.

Buffalo also have excellent vision, which helps them see predators coming from far away. Depending on the situation, this gives them time to prepare for attack or escape.

Buffalo calves are born with spots on their coats that help camouflage them from predators such as lions and hyenas. These spots disappear when the calves reach maturity at about one year old.

Unlike past viral videos of animal attacks, watching the buffalo band together and defend their own is fascinating. It is a testament to their unique social structure and desire to protect one another.


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