A Dog That Lost Its Ears Receives New Knitted Ones and Finally Gets Adopted

Usually, when dogs are well-trained and well-socialized they don’t go after other dogs to attack them. They might only do this when they feel threatened, and attacking is their sole solution in a dangerous situation. But this isn’t what happened to the 2-year-old bulldog-terrier pit bull mix that happened to lose both ears in an attack by other dogs.

Willy Wonka is the dog’s name who got in a terrible incident and was attacked by a group of neighboring dogs. While his owner wasn’t home, the other dogs managed to push down the fence in front of the garden and attack Willy. When the owner got back, he found Willy in a very bad state, with both of his ears severely injured.

Willy was rushed to the veterinary hospital and both his ears needed to be amputated. However, his inner ear canals didn’t suffer any damage, so his hearing is still intact. The owner decided to leave Willy with the Sacramento SPCA since the cost of Willy’s care after the attack increased so much. He was also afraid that another attack might happen again at some point.

The people at the center knew exactly how to care for Willy and made sure to replace the sutures and keep the wounds clean. Willy was a big hit with everyone at the center and they started calling him “Sweet Willy.”

John Holmquist, who is a veterinary technician, was also taking care of Willy and decided to crochet him a new set of ears. He did so by attaching the “ears” to a band that could go around Willy’s head. The colors chosen from the ears and band matched the dog’s fur perfectly and made him look even prettier. Also, this accessory would be a great way to help them find a home for Willy.

The pictures of Willy gathered a lot of attention online and many people showed interest in adopting him. One family took him home with them but had to return him the next day since their other dog wasn’t very welcoming of Willy. Fortunately, a few days later, another person adopted him, and hopefully, this will be his home for a really long time.

Have you ever adopted a dog that seemed to be everyone else’s last choice? If you wish to help those who take care of abandoned dogs, you can visit Sacramento SPCA’s page and see how you can make a difference.


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