16 Facts Proving There’s Something Unearthly About Every Animal

Very few of us continue to read biology books after we finish school, which is why documentaries are a great alternative. And even though they describe nature in a fascinating fashion, we’re offering you the chance to learn some facts about the world you’ve probably never heard before.

We at Bright Side never get tired of finding out new things that change our perception of the world.

Female 3-fingered sloths become 200% more active during mating season. They make sounds like bird calls or shrill whistles to attract males.

Armadillos cross streams or rivers, walking on the bottom. They can hold their breath for up to 6 minutes. By swallowing air, the animal can also regulate its buoyancy.

Snakes sleep with open eyes. They don’t have eyelids — instead, they have transparent scales. You can notice them during molting when the eyes become cloudy.

All the anglerfish with scary jaws and lights on their heads are females.

Some storks and New World vultures pee on their legs to cool them down.

Marine iguanas sneeze with salt. Iguanas have salt glands above their eyes, which are connected to the nostrils. This is how they snort the excess salt.

Crocodiles have a liver pump that, together with the diaphragm, can change the center of gravity to adjust buoyancy.

The Arctic woolly bear moth may remain a caterpillar for up to 7 years. In this dormant state, it can survive temperatures as low as −94°F.

In the water, platypuses have non-functioning hearing, vision, and sense of smell. They navigate through electrolocation.

The venom of the inland taipan is the most toxic among all other snakes. It’s 50 times more powerful than that of the Indian cobra.

The pheromone that makes bees attack is also found in bananas.

So don’t eat bananas or anything banana-flavored when you are near bees, or you might get stung.

Giant armadillos have the biggest number of teeth among mammals — from 80 to 100. They don’t have enamel and grow throughout their entire life.

Female dragonflies play dead to escape stalking males.

Rabbits are the only mammals that don’t have paw pads but a thick layer of fur instead.

All spiders in the world eat anywhere from 400 to 800 million tons of prey a year. That’s around twice the combined weight of all the world’s adults.

Pacu fish have human-like teeth. They are mainly used to crush nuts and fruits.

What amazing animal facts do you know?


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