10 Amazing Animals You Would Love to Have

What was your pet growing up? A dog? A cat? Well, times have changed, and now you can see how people all over the world take incredible creatures to raise and love as household animals.

Bright Side made a list of peculiar and adorable pets that are extremely unusual. A lot of people would love to have them as pets, but it might not be such a great idea after all.


Blue Glaucus

This little creature is also poetically called the “blue angel,” “blue dragon,” and “sea swallow.” When fully grown, they can be up to 3 cm (1.5″) long. Blue glaucuses live in tropical waters and use camouflage to avoid predators.

Dragon Lizard

Also known as “dwarf dragons,” they were found quite recently during an expedition in South America’s Andes. It is a wood lizard that is active during the daytime and really looks like a tiny dragon. Who wouldn’t want that in their home?

Mantis Shrimp

Forget a shrimp cocktail with this one! No one will ever willingly try a taste. These gorgeous little marine creatures come in a variety of colors and shapes, and they look amazing in each and every type. The most “flashy” ones are peacock mantis shrimps, like the one in the picture. They are also called Aquaria and are saltwater shrimps that are kept in captivity.

Orange Tortoise Spider

For people who prefer tiny unexpected pets, look into these colorful spiders. The encyosaccus sexmacculatus usually lives in the upper Amazon basin in Ecuador, Peru, and Brazil and will need a lot of heat in their habitat.

Red Panda

Pandas are extremely adorable, but this lovely thing, which is also sometimes called the “lesser panda,” is a perfect mix of a bear and a cat. They can be affectionate and really funny, which is why they took the internet by storm a few years back. Sadly, these beauties are endangered, and keeping one at home would be quite reckless.

Blue Parrotfish

Who wouldn’t want to trade their goldfish for this smiley face? The only problem is that they grow up to be 1.2 m in length and about 20 lb in weight, so you’d need a pretty big fish tank!


This is a type of mountain goat, but, unlike all the others, it has gorgeous fur and could easily star in a Pantene ad. Cindy Crawford, watch out!

Ili Pika

Maybe you or one of your childhood friends had a little cute bunny as a pet, but it definitely wasn’t this little guy. The Ili Pika is an endangered species, and it looks a lot like a short-eared mountain rabbit, but it has nothing to do with rabbits or their genetics. Pikas are really small (up to 250 g in weight) and are colored with red spots on the forehead, neck, and crown.


Nobody has a fandom like these adorable creatures! There are YouTube channels exclusively for these guys as well as fan fiction and comics about them. People are generally infatuated with these hairy, wide-eyed, lazy creatures. Just look at them to know why!

Baby Snake

There are a lot of people in the world who are in love with cold-blooded animals. For them, these tiny snakes will be perfect. Though the one in the picture is basically a baby, it’s definitely unique and quite adorable in its own way. Oh, you’ll also need to feed it mice at some point.


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